our craft

We are a home-based bakery licensed under the Arizona Cottage Home Law. 

We take artisan recipes and create modernized pastries. Taking inspiration from our travels and our roots, Desserts RN transcribes Filipino flavors with your favorite pastries. Each item is made to order, to ensure quality and freshness.

about us

Hi! We are Jasmine and Ethan. We are both first generation full Filipino-Americans, behind Desserts RN. Our parents migrated to the US from the Philippines, providing us with opportunities to live and thrive here in the US. We met as teenagers when Ethan moved to Arizona with his family to start a church. Fast forward to 2018, we got married after 10 years of dating.

Jasmine is a registered nurse by trade, hence the RN. A baker by passion, Jasmine learned techniques from her parents or local classes. Being Filipino-American, Jasmine incorporates her Filipino roots to modern-day baking and desserts.

Ethan is the man behind the business-- a photographer, social media marketer. Ethan supports the technical aspects of the business.